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3 Ways To Stay Protected from The Sun While Looking HOT

protect yourself from the sun while looking hot

Don’t you just love summer?  Something about the warmer weather just says tan legs, Mojitos, and long days of fun. You know what can really kill that vibe? A tomato red, itchy,  painful sunburn. Not cute!  Sunlight contains, among many other things, Ultraviolet “UVA” and “UVB” rays that the human eye can’t see -- but that doesn’t make them any less dangerous! When UVA and UVB rays hit our skin, they let loose free radicals and can additionally cause direct damage to our skin’s DNA. Sunburns are only the short-term side effects of sun exposure. Over the long term, it causes premature aging, and millions of cases of melanoma each year - some of which can be deadly. Scary right? Want to make a splash without feeling the burn? Here are some ways to stay protected from the sun while still looking HOT!

1. Invest in a great pair of sunnies

Not only do sunglasses give you the instant incognito cool-factor, they’re also great for anti-aging. Sunglasses help block those harsh UVA/UVB rays from your skin, while also stopping you from squinting in the sunlight. Squinting over many years exhausts the elasticity in the skin around your eyes, which leads to the development of the fine lines known as crow’s feet. We love a double whammy!

2. Add a stylish, floppy hat

Hello, effortless glamour. Nothing says stylish ease quite like a beachy, floppy hat.  Keep one as a staple for your beach bag or pair it with a cute sarong to look resort-ready. The best part? A wide-brim hat can keep the sun off of your face, neck, and shoulders. Practicality has never looked better.

3. Wear SPF!

Sunburn is no joke. Health experts claim that fair skin will burn after just 20 minutes of unprotected sun exposure! To keep your skin looking young and damage-free, wear SPF to be protected from the sun. It’s important to put on sunscreen 30 minutes before sun exposure and to reapply every 2 hours. Broad spectrum sunscreen will protect from both UVA and UVB rays, which will help avoid the development free radicals and melanoma, or itchy, peeling skin from a sunburn. For a nice, non-greasy option, check out Geneva Naturals.

hat and slippers at beach

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