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Ayurvedic Beauty and Skin Care Tips

ayurveda beauty skin care

ayurvedic beauty and skin care tips

Why should you pay attention to Ayurvedic beauty and skin care tips? Because, if you’ve been on a quest to find a pattern for living that encompasses both mind and body – Ayurveda may just be what you’re looking for.   Literally meaning “knowledge of life,” the traditions of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic medicine have been around for thousands of years.  It’s all about an individualized system based on the principle that each of us is unique and our bodies are an individual blueprint unlike any other.  Therefore, no two individuals should have exactly the same pattern for obtaining their ideal health.

So while something might be fine for you, it may be poison to someone else based on their individual makeup.  And with some practices that are beneficial for everyone, it’s important to understand your current state of balance and make choices personalized to support your journey.

What is Ayurveda?

Beyond the realm of health and healing is the Ayurveda way of life designed to help celebrate our individualized capacity to wellness.   There are three functional energies within the body, referred to as doshas.  They are vata, pitta and kapha.

Vata emcompases air and space, pitta is fire and water, and kapha is water and earth.  Identifying these energies of the body is necessary in order to facilitate effective physiological functions.  This might all sound a little like a foreign language right now, but we are going to break it down and talk about how Ayurveda affects the choices we make when it comes to beauty.

Often described by our physical attributes such as complexion, size or shape of our features to define ones beauty, the idea that anyone can obtain true beauty by defined in holistic terms seems to be a thing of the past.  But since the belief in Ayurveda was started 5,000 years ago in India, it changes the way you define beauty.

  • Roopam – outer beauty examined by healthy hair and radiant complexion, a reflection of good health is defined by good nutrition.  Regardless of size, any body structure can be beautiful when in good health.
  • Gunam – inner beauty examined by a beauty shining from within, warmth and innocence of mind and heart
  • Vayastyag – lasting beauty reaching beyond chronological age


You Are What You Digest

Speaking specifically in regards to roopam… You know that phrase, “you are what you eat”?  Ayurveda takes it even further to claim “you are what you digest”.  Proper health begins with what you put in, efficient digestion and gut function and consistent elimination.  Here some recommended Ayurvedic diet principles found to be beneficial to anyone:

  1. Eat your largest meal in the middle of the day when your digestive function is the strongest.
  2. Only eat to three fourths capacity to avoid overeating and allow proper digestion.
  3. Focus on what you’re eating, not being distracted by TV or working.
  4. Drinking ice-cold beverages damage your digestive fire, so avoid them.
  5. Include different tastes at each meal: sweet, sour, bitter, salty.
  6. Do not skip meals.
  7. Eat lots of juicy fruits and leafy vegetables.
  8. Sipping warm water throughout the day helps to flush toxins away from the body.

With so many conveniences at our fingertips, how well are you following this holistic diet?  An Ayurvedic physician might also recommend a combination of herbal supplements to compliment this lifestyle. To learn more, watch this video from Speaking Tree to learn about Ayurvedic food combinations:

Beauty Sleep

The second most important principle to beauty according to the Ayurvedic way is sleep.  In order for the body to rejuvenate itself, it needs rest.  Not getting enough sleep can greatly impact our overall health and well-being.  And it’s important to note that the quality of sleep is just as important as the quantity.  Here are some recommended tips for getting enough beauty sleep:

  1. By going to bed before 10pm, you optimize your ability to get enough good quality sleep.
  2. Begin your day with a full body massage using herbal or aromatic oil.
  3. Drinking a cup of herbal tea before bed helps you to unwind.
  4. Don’t work in your bedroom.
  5. Practice calming activities before bedtime to help you relax.
  6. A relaxing bath may be the best way to relax a couple hours before you to go sleep.
  7. Place a sprig of dried lavender under your pillow to help you relax.
  8. Eat a light dinner and finish at least 2-3 hours before you go to bed.

Implementing these strategies to get a good night sleep helps to improve overall body function and health.  Other areas to consider some attention are stress management and meditation to contribute to your overall beauty.

The origination of Ayurveda was discovered on ancient writings believed to be from 400-200BC.  This text is called Chakara Samhita.  In the Chakara Samhita lie some incredibly insightful passages even relative in our day.  The principle that thinking and focusing on your age makes you feel older is right on point.  And the recommendation to laugh, seek new experiences and good friends is what helps to keep us young and beautiful is applicable at any age.

Ayurvedic Skin Care

When it comes to skin, Ayurveda has the highest of standards in regards to natural skin care.  Only food grade ingredients can be used.  The belief in a holistic system like Ayurveda has prompted skin care companies to produce more all natural products to meet consumer demand.   Using the three functional energies or elements of the body: Vata (air and space), pitta (fire and water) and kapha (earth and water), the Ayurveda system attaches to different types of skin.

  • Vata skin is generally drier, rough and often thin.
  • Pitta skin is often oily, sensitive and may be warm to the touch.
  • Kapha skin is more consistently thick, also oily and may be cool.

Identifying the characteristics of which skin type you may have is significant in formulating a solution.  Here are the recommendations for each type of skin:

ayurvedic skincare


Because this skin is more often dry, it is prone to showing signs of aging prematurely.  It’s important to nurture and moisturize to keep skin more youthful and hydrated.

  • Drink at least 2 liters of water per day
  • Have a consistent daily routine
  • Incorporate medication techniques to help relax in your daily life
  • Apply warm oils to the body and self-massage
  • Consume healthy fats like olive oil, avocado, almonds, and plenty of whole grains and vegetables


Generally more prone to breakouts or redness, inflammation, eczema and psoriasis - incorporate balance to cool and sooth skin.

  • Drink lots of coconut water and cook with coconut oil
  • Use coconut oil on your skin daily to help calm the skin and keep it moist through self-massage
  • Avoid overexposure to the sun
  • Limit the intake of things like alcohol, fried foods and coffee
  • Eat melons and pears regularly to assist with inflammation


Prone to cystic acne, regular detoxification is necessary.  Products should be light.

  • Detoxify internally and externally on a regular basis
  • Exfoliate using mud and clay masks regularly
  • Practice self-massage with oils to increase circulation
  • Eat organic fruits and vegetables to help clean the body from within
  • Cook with warm spices to help balance the coolness of the skin


You may notice a common recommendation in each of the 3 different types of skin: self-massage.To lower your blood pressure, slow the aging process and reduce stress – self-massage is the key to your desired health.  If there was only one Ayurveda ritual to adopt to your lifestyle, this would be the one.  A common claim by those who live by this system is that Ayurvedic self-massage can change everything.  Here are the benefits:

  • It slows the aging process by promoting the development of organ tissue.
  • It counteracts fatigue and pain in your legs, neck and shoulders.
  • It helps to prevent injuries by minimizing the dryness that makes us more vulnerable.
  • It nourishes all skin types regardless of age.
  • It helps to improve your sleep by allowing your body to relax, regenerate and heal.
  • It will instantaneously make your skin more beautiful, supple and rich in color.  It also helps to improve overall skin quality over time.

How to self-massage:  Using light, deliberate strokes, apply pressure to various types of your body in a circular motion.  Using essential oils can be a great way to add moisture.  These are the oils recommended:

coconut oil for self massage

Coconut Oil

Consistent use of coconut oil on the skin will greatly improve the quality of your complexion and its ability to avert the signs of aging as long as possible.   It also helps with redness and rashes.  It adds moisture to your hair and generally promotes healthy moisture.

Almond Oil

May not be necessary for daily use, but it has a tendency to leave your body feeling rejuvenated.  Its anti-aging qualities are also helpful to promote long term beauty.  

Sesame Oil

Organic, cold pressed sesame seed oil is the most highly recommended oil in Ayurveda.  It is great for all skin types and helps to counteract the effects of pain and inflammation.

Try adding this to your morning routine:

  1. Use half cup of oil and warm it gently.  Apply it lavishly to your body.
  2. Close your eyes and gently massage your body with gentle strokes.
  3. Once your body is covered in oil, shower in hot water.

If adding self-massage to your daily routine is unrealistic, try doing it just once a week by spending more time (25-30 minutes).  Apply oil to your scalp on the weekends and massage it in to you hair – this will helps to nourish the roots and split ends and reduce frizz.

The idea is that overtime, it can lead to a change in attitude leading outsiders to recognize you’ve become more optimistic, trusting and better able to handle the challenges of life with grace.

Ayurvedic Beauty Tips

Here are 12 favorite tips of holistic beauty insiders that help to put your inner and outer beauty in greater balance:

  1. Identify your dosha (as described above) and implement skin care strategies accordingly.
  2. Live by the seasons – the climate is important to our energy input.
  3. Use coconut oil for daily moisturizer or an organic castor oil mask for irritable skin.
  4. Exfoliate using sugar.  It’s considered cooling, so generally good for summer time.  Can be combined with herbs and essential oils as a facial scrub.
  5. Wipe your skin with raw milk or take a milk bath.  The fat and lactic acid will help soften the skin.
  6. Use a rosewater toner; it smells good and can be used several times a day.  It’s also cooling for softer skin.
  7. Apply neem oil to breakouts can help dry them out overnight and is better suited for the summer than tea tree oil.  (Neem oil is also used as a bug repellent)
  8. Use aloe vera daily whether it’s applied topically like a toner or in a beverage.
  9. Oil – pulling, swishing sesame or coconut oil instead of mouth wash can boost your overall wellness and aid in detoxification.
  10. Use a natural bristle dry brush on your body to help reduce cellulite and eliminate excess fluid.  Massage upward from your feet in circular motions towards your heart.
  11. Apply coconut oil to your hair to aid hair growth and add moisture.
  12. Self – Massage (surprise, surprise!)

ayurvedic beauty tips

Try some of these at home facial recipes using all natural ingredients to help improve skin circulation and perpetuate overall health and beauty.

Clay Mask

  • 1 Tbsp favorite cosmetic clay (kaolin and bentonite, French red or French green are recommended)
  • Pinches of brahmi, neem, and turmeric (optional)
  • 1-2 Tbsp liquid of your choice (water, rosewater or milk)
  • 1 tsp honey or lemon juice

Mix ingredients together forming a paste.  Apply paste to your face avoiding the eyes and lips and gently massage 1-2 minutes.  Let the mask dry and set for 15-20 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

Avocado Mask

  • ½ avocado soft and ripe
  • 1Tbsp hot water
  • 1 tsp coconut oil
  • 1 tsp honey


Mash the avocado and set aside.  Dissolve the honey and coconut oil into the water and stir liquid into avocado mixture.  Mix ingredients well.  Apply to a clean face, avoiding the eyes and mouth.  Let the mask dry and set for 10-15 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

Eye Makeup Remover

  • 1 Tbsp ghee
  • 3-4 drops vitamin E oil

Whip ghee and Vitamin E together.  Apply this mixture using a cotton ball to your eyelids and wipe to remove, mixture can be stored in a glass jar for frequent use. Alternatively, try this reusable makeup remover cloth.

As is the Ayurvedic way, there is no one-size-fits-all remedy for an individual’s health and wellness goals.   A simple, beautiful way of life; by attending to the specific needs of your blueprint, you can improve your balance, state of mind, attitude and ability to recognize your own beauty based on principles of promoting health from the inside out.

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