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Why You Should Be Using Face Oils

why you should be using face oils

why you should be using face oils

There are many things that don’t go together. Fire and ice. Pepper and sugar. Snow and the desert. But, when it comes to skin care, you know what really doesn’t sound like it goes together? Oil and your face. How many times have we read articles about how to treat oily skin? How many of us have battled with oily skin, where the idea of applying MORE face oils sounds like you’re asking for trouble. We all know the negative effects of excess oil on our skin. Shiny skin, clogged pores, more breakouts. It does not sound pleasant (nor is it, as those of us with oily skin know!).

But don’t let the negative effects of the natural oil on your skin fool you into thinking that all oil is created equal! Certain oils can actually be just the treatment you’ve been looking for when trying to treat dry skin, shrink pores, reduce wrinkles, and more. And, if you can believe it, there are even oils that will help your skin combat excessive oil! Oils can be an amazing skin care tool, so let’s dive into the different oil types and what they can do for your skin!

Types of Oils

Before applying oil to your face, you need to understand what kinds of oils are out there to decide the best one for your skin type.

Moringa Oil

Moringa oil is derived from a tree found in the Asian region of the world. It is easily absorbed into the skin, which is great news once you hear what’s in it. The leaves from the tree are packed with the ingredients that greatly benefit your skin, like minerals, vitamins, essential amino acids, and antioxidants.

So what are the skin care benefits of moringa oil

Protects your skin from the elements

If your breakouts seem to be cause by the elements (dirt, pollution, and other toxins that can stick to your skin and clog your pores), or if you are trying to slow the aging process brought on by free radicals, found in the elements, moringa oil is the solution you’re looking for. When you apply moringa oil to your face and then go outside, those pollutants wreaking so much havoc on your skin can’t get through – the moringa oil stops them from being absorbed into your skin. Simply wash your face at the end of the day, and any pollutants will wash off your skin, keeping your face looking young and healthy.

Strengthens your anti-aging efforts

We know moringa oil is packed with the nutrients and vitamins that are beneficial to our entire body. But moringa oil is specifically high in its vitamin A and C content. These vitamins not only repair damage from the free radicals we mentioned above, but they also help to repair those wrinkles and improve your skin texture. It even helps your skin stay tight and firm. All this leaves you with glowing, smooth skin, not sagging anywhere, which is exactly what you’re looking for in the battles of anti-aging!

moringa oil for face

Reduces oil production

Breaking out is one of the worst things to occur as an adult. Not only does it feel like you’re back in high school, it’s hard to know how to deal with the breakout, or what the best solution is to make it disappear. One of the biggest culprits of adult acne breakouts is excess oil production. Moringa oil actually helps slow down that production! It helps restore your natural oil balance. So if you have oily skin, struggle with breakouts, or try to manage that shine on your skin, this is the oil for you.

Coconut oil

By now, we likely all know what coconut oil is. If you haven’t cooked with it, you likely have heard of it! Coconut oil is a powerful food, and an even more powerful skin care product.

So what can coconut oil do for your skin? 

Deeply moisturizes

Coconut oil is one amazing moisturizer. When you apply it to your skin, the coconut oil immediately gets to work, increasing the lipid levels on the skin’s surface, and helping to deeply hydrate. The effects last for hours! And, with it being a product you most likely have in the kitchen, makes it a no-brainer when it comes to keeping your skin moisturized. You can also try out this daily moisturizer with SPF that is infused with coconut oil (and moringa oil!).

Repairs aged skin

Until someone invents an all-powerful anti-aging tool to make us look like we’re in our early 20s again, coconut oil is the next best alternative. With the amount of vitamin E it contains, and with its ability to deeply penetrate the skin, coconut oil can dive deep into the skin, repairing wrinkles and fine lines, and even preventing their development in the future. In fact, coconut oil doesn’t just repair wrinkles. It even repairs the tissues in your skin. Talk about a miracle product!

Heals damaged skin

Has your skin tone gone from beautifully smooth to uneven? Were you out in the sun too much this summer, and you have the visible UV damage to prove it? Or maybe your pores just continue to grow in size, and you can’t figure out how to get them back down. Coconut oil is your solution. Coconut oil contains saturated fats. While we may try to avoid ingesting saturated fats, applying them to our skin is sure effective. They shrink pores, even out your skin tone, and heal damaged skin.

coconut oil for skin care

Seed oil

We promise seed oil is a thing, not just something we made up. Seed oil isn’t one specific oil, but rather a category. This oil comes from the fatty parts of nuts and seeds, and can be a great addition to your skin care routine. In fact, if you’re looking for a good moisturizer, seed oil may be what you’re looking for!

What are the benefits of seed oils?

Deeply moisturize

Seed oils are a thicker oil with a higher fat content (compared to other oils). Their moisturizing capabilities are intense, as they penetrate deep into your skin to hydrate and even regenerate. Rosehip seed oil is an ideal candidate for moisturized, as is avocado oil! Avocado oil contains a high level of vitamins and fatty acids, which is just what you should be looking for when it comes to moisturizing.

Fight aging 

Seed oils have the capability to reduce those wrinkles and fine lines on your skin you try so hard to get rid of. Rosehip seed oil will leave your skin looking smooth and firm. Argan oil, with its high concentration of vitamin E, will tighten your skin while reducing the signs of aging (like those wrinkles) you’re trying so hard to fight!

Heal damage

Damage to our skin, whether from external or internal changes, are hard to reverse. That’s where seed oil steps in. Trying to repair damage from age, the sun, or the atmosphere is hard work, and often doesn’t result in much change. Avocado oil steps up to the plate with sterolin, which acts as an anti-inflammatory. It also helps to repair sun damage, age spots, and more. Rose seed oil reduces inflammation, redness, and scaring.

Blue Tansy

While not as well known as some of the other oils, blue tansy oil is pretty awesome. It comes from a flower in North Africa. What really makes blue tansy stand out is the way it fights what we don’t want on our skin.

blue tansy oil for skin

So, what are the benefits of blue tansy oil?

Fights bacteria

If you struggle with acne, then blue tansy and its anti-bacterial properties are what you’ve been looking for! One of the contributing factors to acne is bacteria. It seeps into your pores and clogs them, causing you to break out. Some skin types are more prone to this kind of breakout, so if this is you, blue tansy oil will be your best friend. It both kills the bacteria on your skin and prevents it from multiplying! Goodbye, breakouts!

Fights fungus

This skin defender oil doesn’t just fight bacteria, it also fights fungus! While we don’t typically think of fungus as affecting our face much (it seems to be more of a nail and scalp issue), you can get some skin ailments caused by fungus. No fun! But blue tansy can fight and reduce all types of fungus ailments, anywhere on your body.

Fights inflammation

If you’re in the skin type camp that suffers from such skin inflammatory conditions like dermatitis or eczema, you’ll fall in love with blue tansy oil. It helps to reduce and remove any flare ups you may experience.

Helps you relax

Stress is a pretty large factor in aging. The hormones released when you are stressed, cortisol, speed up your body’s aging process. If you’re trying to slow down that aging process with different skin care routines, but don’t notice much progress, stress could be playing a big factor! Applying blue tansy oil to your face will help you feel calm and relax.   

Grape Seed Oil

Grape seed oil gets a bad rap. If you’ve heard anything negative about it, it is likely because of the controversial health benefits from actually eating grape seed. But the benefits of applying grape seed to your face aren’t disputed. In fact, if you have more oily skin, this oil is for you – grape seed oil doesn’t leave an oily residue! Learn more about the benefits of grape seed oil in the video below from Brittany Leigh.

Moisturize Skin

The importance of moisturizing can’t be disputed. We all know it is one of the key steps in a skin care routine when trying to slow down the aging process. Grape seed oil is the perfect moisturizer. It absorbs into the skin quickly, begins the moisturizing process right away, and doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily. All wins for us!

So, what does grape seed oil do? 

Heals acne

If your fight with acne feels never-ending, embrace grape seed oil as a treatment! Grape seed oil contains linoleic acid. Why is this important, you may ask? Because people who have acne typically have less linoleic acid on their skin than those without acne. Less linoleic acid on your skin actually leads to a different kind of oil production, clogging your pores and causing those breakouts. Use grape seed oil for your acne to bring the balance of linoleic acid back to your skin.

Tighten pores

The curse of larger pores will affect all of us as some point. Whether they are a result of oily skin, sun exposure, or simply aging, large pores can feel like an embarrassing curse. Grape seed oil can actually help tighten the skin and pores on your face. Simply apply it in the evening to see the results.

Reduces the appearance of scars

If you have scars on your face from acne in your adolescence, or perhaps from some other producer, you have felt the frustration of not seeing your scars fade as quickly as you’d hope. Or perhaps you’re struggling to get rid of those pesky stretch marks that just don’t seem to go away. Grape seed oil, with its high levels of vitamin E, actually helps reduce those scars and stretch marks. By increasing the levels of vitamin E to the skin tissue in the affected areas, you’ve helped those areas get the nutrients they need to begin the healing process!

Oils are a wonder ingredient, when it comes to skin care. They are affordable, simple to use, and are an easy solution to the kinds of struggles with skin care we all have. After you’ve used oils on your skin, you’ll be obsessed with the feel of your skin. It will feel soft and smooth, exactly how you want it to feel. The high amount of nutrients and antioxidants can’t be beat, and they help to form a protective layer for your skin cells. Oil can provide the results you’ve dreamed about, especially when serums and moisturizers can’t seem to do the trick.

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