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Why You Should Wear Dark Lipstick This Summer and How to Rock It!

how to rock dark lipstick

Don’t you just love the summer? I mean really, the sun, longer days, warmer weather, and the joy of knowing that your next beach day is just around the corner! And while we do especially enjoy all of these things, there’s no denying that we can’t help but feel just as excited at the sheer thought of all of the festive summer outfits and makeup colors that the season brings. Pastels, flirty florals, and crisp whites paired with bright and bold lipsticks and accessories, summer fashion is just so lovely.

woman with dark lipstick

However, we couldn’t help but notice the oxblood reds and other vampy lipstick shades that have been lingering longer this season – and we must say, we’re totally here for it! Don’t get us wrong, while we can’t get enough of our bright oranges or pastel pink lipsticks, there’s no denying the chic-ness that only a dark lip can bring. It also doesn’t hurt that some of our favorite celebs, including style queen Bad Gal Rih Rih, have been spotted sporting the vampy look this season and if Rihanna hasn’t convinced you, then take it from some of the world’s greatest fashion designers, whose models donned gorgeous dark hues across the runways this fashion show season.

So now that we’ve decided that a dark lip is totally ‘in’ this season here are 3 stay-put tips to help prevent your lip color from running off of your lips and, God-forbid, on to your beloved sun dress. After all, why should you have to store away your favorite shades simply because the earth decides to turn?


Swap out your lipstick for a Lip Stain this Summer

Lip stains virtually last forever and often times are waterproof – making them the perfect pick for a day at the park, beach, or pool.

Pat on the Primer

The bad news, not all your favorite lip colors are available as lip stains. The good news, that’s what lip primer is for! Applying lip primer onto your lips before your lipstick will keep the color in place while helping it last longer and preventing it from running.  Bring it on sun!

Use Lip Liner Instead

When the temperature begins to rise and humidity kicks in, less is more definitely more when it comes to makeup application. Try swapping out your lipstick for one of your favorite lip liners and pairing it with a lip gloss or balm. You’ll still get the desired color and the balm or gloss is great for keeping your lips protected and hydrated, it’s like SPF 30 but for your lips! Do you wear dark lipstick in the warmer months? Why or why not?

shades of lipstick

What are your favorite summertime shades? Tag us in a photo of you rocking your favorite lipsticks using the hashtag #GenevaNaturalsBeauty and we’ll repost them!

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