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3 Impressive Money-Saving Tips From The Krazy Coupon lady Herself

3 Impressive Money-Saving Tips You’ll be Glad You know: Tips From The Krazy Coupon lady Herself

If you’re a heavy couponer (or even a moderate couponer) then you must know about the Krazy Coupon lady, also known as KCL. If you’ve followed her advice before, you might have seen that she doesn’t only help people save money during the holidays, she gives great advice all year round! So this season, as you think of your New Year’s resolutions, consider adding frugality to your list. With these three money-saving tips from the Krazy Coupon lady herself, this will be one resolution you can easily stick to.

1. Use money-saving (and money-making) apps

use apps to save money

There are countless apps available to help make our lives easier. Whether you want to save money or make money, there’s something available for everyone. If you have a lot of unused items laying around, you can sell them on OfferUp or set up a store on Facebook to sell your items locally. Rebate apps are an easy way to save money; KCL recommends using Ibotta which can help you save up to $500 a year. Keeping your finances in check is a practical way to save your money. With a helpful budgeting app like BillGuard, managing your spending can be easier than you imagined. Of course, the Krazy Coupon lady has her own app for groceries and other great deals. Whichever you choose, make sure it’s one that you can stick with and will add value to your everyday life.

2. Be a savvy shopper

How to save money with coupons when shopping

KCL knows all the shopping secrets. For one, when you’re buying the usual dietary and household staples, like rice and laundry detergent, it would be best to buy them in bulk. If you’re a member of a wholesale chain like Costco, you can buy just about anything you need for your family and home. Wherever you go shopping, it’s important to take a list with you. Not knowing what you’re going to buy and shopping when you’re hungry will cause you to buy something you don’t need and ultimately, spend more money.

Being a savvy shopper means knowing all the tricks of the trade. I know we already talked about apps, but a price-adjusting app, like Paribus can actually tell you if you’re paying too much for an item. Ebates is another great app that gives you cash back just for shopping.

3. Make the old new again

How to reuse materials to save money

When was the last time you recycled something or reused an item? When was the last time you threw something away to make room for a new replacement? Although not all things can be reused, there’s a lot of financial benefit from repurposing furniture, clothes, and other items. If you absolutely have to buy something new, consider thrifting before heading to a retailer. You’d be surprised what you can find in the world of thrifting.

Recycling is another great way to save money and can even improve some aspects of your home. Composting is an especially underestimated approach to gardening. It’s cheap and helps condition the soil more than manufactured products.


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