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5 Ways to Make Goal Setting Easier: Realistic Resolutions for Busy Moms

Being a mom can get very busy. As the year begins again and school is back in session, new years resolutions are often altered by your children's schedules. Things can get so hectic that it might seem impossible to accomplish everything that you want.

Leaving your home in the morning with your kids, and managing to do it calmly and on time, can be a difficult task. Breakfast needs to be made and eaten, hair needs to be brushed, and a variety of little errands needs to be done. However, it's still possible to plan out achievable goals for the year. Here are five tangible things you can do to make your goal setting for 2018 a whole lot easier. 


1. Make Peace With Your Body

You may or may not have body goals for the year, but regardless of your goal, you are starting where you are right now. Whether you're dealing with cellulite, sagging, or sub-optimal body measurements, make peace with the imperfectly wonderful body you have and treat yourself with love and respect. It's not a perfect machine, but it's your machine.


2. Plan out Your Days

If you don't already plan out your days, start now! A simple paper and pencil or app on your phone will do. Break down your large lofty resolutions, into small, actionable goals. Like, if you want to start taking better care of yourself this year, try starting with something small, like adding Vitamin C to your daily skin care routine. By breaking down your goals into bite-sized actions, you'll end the year with a list of accomplishments instead of disappointments. 

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3. Breathe In, Breathe Out

Simple awareness of your breath brings a greater flow of the vital life energy circulating throughout your body. We breathe without stopping 24/7/365, so there’s always an immediate opportunity to practice this awareness. It is also a great way to prep for your exercise or meditation practice. Before starting either, enjoy 10 mindful breaths and feel the difference in your mood.


4.  Take Care Of the Little Things A Night Before

For busy working moms, it’s the best idea to take care of all the little things that you can the night before. Take half an hour after your children are in bed to make coffee, pick up all of their homework, charge the devices that you will be using, and anything else that you can do in advance. If your kids are old enough, you can have them do some of these tasks as their evening routine. The best solution is to work on this together so that you spend time together as a family as you prepare yourself for the upcoming day.


5. Give Yourself A Break

You may feel like an undercover superhero, but be honest with yourself in knowing that you can't do it all (at least not in a healthy way) all the time. Tap into your support network for help with the kids, and make sure to take time to pamper yourself every once in a while! 


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Always remember to take life a day at a time and to focus on the good.



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