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Flaky Skin

What is Flaky Skin?

Flaky skin most often refers to the thin slivers of dried out, dead skin that flakes or peels away from the outermost layer of the skin. Flaky skin is usually paired with dry skin, but it can affect those with oily or combination skin types as well.

What Causes Flaky Skin?

Flaky skin is typically caused by a lack of sebum (a natural oil our bodies make to protect our skin) and water in the skin. As the skin dries out, the seams between the cell layers fail and the top most layer begins to flake away. There are many things that can cause our skin to dry out and flake. Some of these include:

  • sunburn
  • allergies
  • use of harsh chemicals on the skin
  • lack of moisturizer
  • improper skin care
  • medical conditions and treatments
  • frequent use of hot water when bathing or showering

Sometimes flaky skin happens because of various skin conditions and disorders such as psoriasis, Athlete’s foot, eczema, or contact dermatitis.

Relieving and Preventing Flaky Skin

  • Use gentle acne treatment creams and serums. Abrasive facial creams and serums used to treat acne and other skin conditions tend to dry out the skin and can irritate sensitive skin. Gentle facial creams and serums with natural ingredients such as vitamins E and C, retinol, natural oils, or hyaluronic acid will help prevent dry, flaky skin by keeping your skin moist and protected. We recommend Geneva Natural’s Advanced Anti-Aging Retinol Cream.
  • Use a humidifier. A humidifier will help to keep moisture in the air so your skin doesn’t dry out and flake. Humidifiers are especially helpful in the dry, winter months.
  • Protect yourself from the sun. It is no secret that sunburns can lead to uncomfortable skin peeling and flaking. Protection from excess heat and UV rays can help prevent dry skin and sunburns. We recommend Geneva Natural’s Advanced Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer with SPF.
  • Use a daily moisturizer. Applying moisturizer immediately after washing the skin will help trap moisture in your skin.
  • Apply vitamin C. Vitamin C is known to help reduce dry, itchy, flaky skin. Vitamin C can be found in various foods or in creams, serums and lotions. We recommend Geneva Natural’s Advanced Vitamin C+E Serum.