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Moringa Oil

Moringa Oil is widely used in many industries, particularly skin care. This nutrient-dense oil is famous for its skin healing properties. The hydrating and detoxifying effects of Moringa extracts help in neutralizing the effects of harmful pollutants, preventing wrinkles, and slowing premature aging. The high protein content of Moringa also aids in protecting dermal cells from damage caused by the Sun. Packed with nutrients such as vitamin A, C and E. Moringa oil also helps build collagen and offers anti- inflammatory benefits while improving the overall appearance and radiance of the skin.

Moringa Oil Anti Aging Leaves

What is Moringa Oil?

Extracted from the seeds of the Drumstick tree found in the Himalayan foothills, Moringa Oil is also known as Ben Oil, due to its high levels of behenic acid. It has been known to be a very useful oil in ancient medicinal books of Rome and Greece. With a wide range of industrial applications, it is also great for hair and skin care. You can also use it to cook, as it has a soft and appealing taste.

The Properties of Moringa Oil

Moringa oil has many therapeutic and nutritious properties some of which are: Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-microbial, Disinfectant, Carrier, Hepatoprotective, Emollient, Preservative, Exfoliant, Enfleurage.

The Science behind Moringa Oil

Moringa oleifera as its known is a highly cultivated tree of the genus Moringa. Moringa Moringa Oil Leaves by Geneva Naturalsderives from the Tamil word, ‘murungai’, which means “a twisted pod found in a young fruit”. The tree can grow as high as 40 ft and the trunk can be as wide as 1.5 ft. It grows very fast and is drought-resistant. India is its largest producer where it is widely used in water purification and hand-washing. The flowers are fragrant and have five unequal, thinly veined, yellowish-white petals. They are accustomed to growing on slender, stalks with hairs while spreading flower clusters of 25 cm.

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