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Oily Skin

Oils produced by the body help protect the skin and keep it healthy. However, excess oil can result in blemishes and acne.  Fortunately, there are many solution to help reduce the causes and appearance of oily skin.


Research shows that cleansers  are some of  the most effective ways get your oily skin under control. Consider using a gentle cleanser as harsher ones can lead to an increase in your body's oil production.

If the typical  cleanser isn’t working to rid your skin of the excess oiliness, try one that includes ingredients  such as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or glycolic acid. Theses are  fantastic for those with acne and/or oily skin.


Toners can dry out the skin so dermatologists recommend applying them to only on oily areas of the skin, like the forehead, nose, and chin.

Blotting Paper

Blotting papers offer a great option for removing oil because they don’t dry out your skin. Additionally, they are convenient and typically  inexpensive. Apply the paper to  the oily areas of the skin, like the forehead, nose, and chin. Avoid scrubbing the skin with the sheet of blotting paper as this can cause irritation. Instead, simply press it against the oily area long enough to absorb oil, usually 15 to 20 seconds. Try a blotting paper that is lightly powdered, which further reduces shine.

Masks and Clays

Using  masks and clays helps draw out oils and impurities. However dermatologist suggest only apply them to your problem areas as these methods can dry out the skin.  

Talk to Your Dermatologist

If over-the-counter products aren’t working,   talk to a dermatologist. Lasers and chemical peels can help reduce oiliness and improve your overall appearance. Creams that contain ingredients such as tretinoin and adapalene can also help by cleansing pores and reducing oiliness. Since these products can cause irritation, it’s best to use them only on oily areas and only as often as you really need it.

It’s worth remembering that oil production is a normal part of healthy skin. In fact. Those with naturally oily skin tend to have less wrinkles and younger looking skin. Remove excess oils when you feel it's absolutely necessary, but be careful to preserve your skin’s natural anti-aging mechanism.