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Rosehip Oil

Did you know that rosehip oil is the secret weapon of many celebrities to keeping their skin smooth, ageless, and blemish-free? Or that it was used by ancient Egyptians and Mayans because of its healing properties? It’s one of the most powerful natural products for your skin and can help with a variety of skin conditions.

Where Does It Come From?

When you think of roses, you probably think of a flower, not a fruit. But the rose hip is actually the fruit of the wild rose plant, and in that fruit is the seeds for that plant. The seeds from these small red fruits are used to extract rosehip oil that can be applied externally on the skin but also has a myriad of health benefits when ingested as well.

Why is it so Powerful?

The reason why rosehip oil is so effective for improving skin is because it’s packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids. It’s also rich in vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin D, B-carotene, and a form of vitamin A. With all of these in one source, it’s extremely effective in fighting free radicals, one of the leading causes of aging for skin.

What Can it Help With?

Rosehip oil is a versatile natural skin care product since it can help with a lot of different skin conditions. Some of these include:

Acne scars – the essential fatty acids in rosehip oil promote the regeneration of skin, which means it can help fade discolored acne scarring.

Dry skin – as with other non-fragrant, plant-based oils, they are a fast and effective way to deeply hydrate skin, locking in moisture for far longer than average face lotions.  

Wrinkles – The vitamin A and vitamin C found in rosehip oil stimulates collagen production in the skin, which is an essential protein in the skin and tissues that provides strength and structure. Increased collagen in the skin can help with reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Age Spots – because it’s packed with antioxidants, rosehip oil is helpful in combatting the free radicals that cause sun damage and age spots on the skin.