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Skin Rashes

A skin rash means that an abnormal change in skin color or texture has occurred.

Skin rashes often refer to epidermal aberrations. These may appear on the skin in the form of bumps, lesions, scaly formations or even painful blisters. There are many health conditions that can contribute to and cause skin rashes. However, they are mostly bought on by inflammation, infections, and allergies. It is highly advised that the sight of any skin rash be taken seriously as not only could they be the indication of a serious disease but the lack of treatment may also cause scarring or permanent marks to occur. There are many factors that may contribute to or bring on skin rashes. Please see two of the most common factors below.

Body creams and lotions

If you have highly sensitive skin and are more prone to skin rashes, you may want to consider only using natural beauty products. Typically, organic and natural soaps, body lotions and other beauty products have their fair trade certification clearly printed on their packaging. This is a clear indication that the particular product will work well with your skin and likely will not cause irritation. It’s important to note that there are many beauty products and brands on the market that claim to be organic or contain naturals ingredients, that are not. This in mind, unless the product is clearly marked with a certification you should avoid purchasing that particular product. Additionally, if a product is extremely inexpensive and claims to be 100% natural or organic you may want to reconsider the purchase as this may also be an indication that they brand may be making false claims.

Anxiety and Stress

A hectic or stress filled lifestyle can cause people have rashes and/or a sudden change in the texture and color of ones’ skin. One common skin condition to occur was a result of anxiety and stress is dermatitis. Which may appear due to of ongoing anxiety, stress, and depression. Additionally, if one is under a ton of pressure at work, the body may begin to set off chemical reactions. Thus making this another common contributor for a skin rash. In order to avoid the aforementioned issues, one should try engaging in healthier calming and relaxing practices such as yoga, meditation, and running.